Details for Company

Flexibility and short-term adjustments are essential for companies.Structures and processes must be constantly adapted to current requirements. To be able to survive an ever-changing market, companies need to act quickly and flexibly, both in terms of capacity building and capacity reduction.
Especially in the management and the expert area, companies can no longer precisely and reliably determine the short- and medium-term personnel requirements.

Our interim managers can help in such and similar situations: They are savvy specialists and experts. Flexible, available at short notice and can be engaged without a long-term commitment.

Typical scenarios for their commissioning are:

  • Vacancy bridging
  • Short-term continuation of a leadership in company key areas
  • A managing director is no longer available at short notice
  • Support in construction e.g. New business units, plants and branches, nationally and internationally
  • Temporary acquisition and distribution support (e.g., in M & A processes)
  • Integration of newly acquired subsidiaries
  • Restructuring or restructuring needs
  • Implementation and design of a successful succession

Interim management benefits include:

  • Time limit
  • Integration of an outgoing personality
  • Gain from external knowledge and unbiased experience
  • Experience as a leader
  • High professional and personal competence due to extensive professional experience
  • Elimination of bottlenecks
  • Complete integration into the company's task and management hierarchy